Plating The 3¢ U.S. Imperforate Stamp of 1851 - 1857

Complete Plating:

Below is a complete plating of the 3¢ U.S. Imperforate Stamp of 1851-1857. This plating was initally completed by Mr. Robin Lund over a period of thirty years. It is a remarkable achievement. Rob has since moved on to work on even more complex stamp projects, so I acquired his plating in 2016 to give it a good home and to use it as the basis of this study. Since 2016 I have worked to improve the plating with hundreds of new stamps in positions I thought could use improvement. That's what platers do. I am now proud to call this plating the Lund-O'Doherty plating.

Due to the time it takes to download high resolution images, the plating is presented in stages. The first stage comprises fifty-two low resolution 1/4 panes. The second stage, which you reach by clicking on any of the headings or images below, presents a single plate with the 200 individual stamps images that make up the plate (as well as black and white images for the same positions from Dr. Chase's photographs). Within that Plate page, you may click on any of the individual stamps and go directly to a single page dedicated solely to that unique stamp position. This individual stamp page includes high-resolution stamp images, plating characteristics and plating notes. While the Plating Wizard may be a better tool for plating your stamps, this presentation shows the big picture and links you quickly to the most detailed presentation of the individual stamps.

Plate 1E


Plate 1i


Plate 2E


Plate 5E


Plate 0


Plate 1L


Plate 2L


Plate 3


Plate 4


Plate 5L


Plate 6


Plate 7


Plate 8